EnhancePlus – additive for flower and fruit producing plants


EnhancePlus – Additive for all flower and fruit producing crops

EnhancePlus maintain and regulate flowering processes. Hormones regulate metabolism,growth and cel divisions, development in flowers, seeds and fruits. EnhancePlus adds hormones in crops which can not produce these themselves in a relatively short lifecycle.
Admninister once weekly during the flower cycle is sufficiënt for an increase in quality and yields.
Dose EnhancePlus diluted 1:1000(1ml/liter water)
EnhancePlus can be combined with other additives


EnhancePlus – Additive for all flower and fruit producing crops

Plant hormone or phytohormone is the name of in the plant created substances that regulate the growth of the plant.
Plants regulate their interior environment, at the same time taking into account the change in the external environment by making hormones and enzymes. Although plants do not have nervous system, they can still react quickly in this way on external stimuli. Each signal is transmitted with the aid of hormones. They are signaling molecules that are taken at specific locations in the plant, in low concentrations occur and cause changing processes into target cells at other locations in the plant. For example, the Mimosa pudica responds directly to contact with the collapse of the leaves of the composite sheet.
Plant Hormones regulate, inter alia, the growth of the
stems and leaves,
fruit and seed development.
and affect:
aging (senescence) and rejection (abcissie) for example, the leaves in autumn,
apical dominance,
rest periods such as winter rest,
gravitropism (growth manner by the influence of the force of gravity),
phototrophy (growth manner by the influence of the light).

Cylokynen 90ppm./0.009% Abscisinezuur 400ppm./0.04% Biotine 2% Foliumzuur 0,8%
Auxinen 60ppm./0.006% Oligosachariden 600ppm./0.06% B12 2,6% Riboflavine 0,8%
Gibberelinen(Ga7) 100ppm./0.01% Jasmijnzuur 150ppm./0.015% Caroteen 0,6% Thiamine 0,6%

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