FinalePKplus – extra bloeikracht voor alle bloeiende planten


FinalePKPlus 1ltr, additive for all flower – and fruit producing crops

Stimulates flowering processes and increases dry mass weight in flower and fruit producing plants
Administer once weekly from early flowering stage until the end of the cycle
Dose FinalePKPlus diluted 1:10000(1ml/liter water)
FinalePKPlus can be administered with all (basic)fertilizers
Contains all essential micro-elements, humic acids and fulvic acids


For extra bloom strength in the final phase of all flowering plants, and in all organic substrates and earth (mixtures)

Organo-mineral of composition and containing at least 36% phosphorous and 42% potassium. Added are sub-heading-elements, micro-elements, fulvic acids, humic acids and vitamins. PhosphorPlus maintains the flowering process throughout the flowering cycle. Potassium is especially in the end of flowering stage essential for the optimal structure of solids into the final products

Nitrogenium(N) 10% Magnesium(Mg) 3% Borium(Bo) 0,02% Molybdenum(Mo) 0,03% Organic compounds 40%
Phospor(P) 36% Calcium(Ca) 3% Ferrum(Fe) 0,09% Manganum(Mn) 0,06% Humic acids 16%
Kalium(K) 42% Sulphur(S) 2% Cuprum(Cu) 0,03 Zinkum(Zn) 0,08% Fulvic acids 6%