FungalStop – Fungal treatment for all crops and plants


FungalStop – Fungal treatment for all crops and plants

HealthyGardening FungalStop is a bio-logical pesticide that is used to combat fungi (Fusarium, Bothrilfis, Pythium, Meeldauw). Fungi can be and in most cases are very dangerous for your plants. In the vast majority of cases, they will seriously reduce production but also bring down the quality of the end product.

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FungalStop – Fungal treatment for all crops and plants

FungalStop is a vegetable extract and has a preventative and curative function in the leaf treatment of all crops, except young crops or seedlings. Molds will, if nothing is done, completely break the crop.

Although we see fungi as plague, the fact is that fungi are many times more dangerous for your crop than those animal pests. The problem with mold fungi is that they do not need the plant to survive. Fungal spores can stay active and dorment for a very long time. And not just in the ground; Fungi mold can also sit on the walls or in your clothes or even in the air. Fungal traces are found pretty much everywhere exept cleanrooms.

To counter fungi attacks on your plant depends on a number of factors. Probably the most important is the cultivating environment in which the plant is resides. This environment must be hygienic and clean. In addition, treating you plants and crop preventative with Fungalstop, will minimize fungalattacks to a minimum. In the case that fungi already exists in your plants, then FungalStop is a powerful pesticide that fights the fungus to the death.


  • Dissolve 50 ml per 1 liter of water.
  • Spray the plant completely, also the bottom of the leaves.
  • DO NOT use on seedlings and young crops