GrowStop – a powerfull cellstretch inhibitor


GrowStop – a powerfull cellstretch inhibitor

GrowStop by HealthyGardening is a powerful cell stretch inhibitor. After using a cell stretch inhibitor, the plant will stop growing with lengthwise growth. After treatment with Growstop, internodular growth stops for about 14 days. The nodes will start to develop closer together, which also increases the stem thickness.


GrowStop – a powerfull cellstretch inhibitor

The treatment with GrowStop has no affect on other processes in the plant such as cell division, power supply, and all other processes. These processes are continuing unhindered. Treatment also does not affect the duration of the cycle. At the right dose, GrowStop does not adversely affect other processes in the plant. The action is not plant specific and applicable to all crops and all stages.

  • Leaf spray preferably under low intensity
  • 250ml diluted in water gives 5 liter spray solution and is sufficient for 12m2
  • For 5 liters spray solution in smaller quantities (50 ml. On 1 liter of water)
  • Non-toxic to humans and vertebrate animals
  • Possibly toxic to aquatic environments
  • Fully and quickly degradable
  • Applicable in consumer and ornamental plants
  • Use preferably personal protective agents.
  • In case of skin contact, allergic reactions may occur, consult a doctor for continued complaints.

Usage Schedule

50ml on 1 liter of water
250ml on 5 liters of water