HuminPlus – A Powerful Soil Enhancer – 1ltr


Hh4>HuminPlus – A Powerful Soil Enhancer – 1ltr

HuminPlus is a soil improver by Healthygardening. HuminPlus stimulates absorption of all nutrients and optimizes substrate physiology (soil and earth mixtures). A good soil mixture is essential for the healthy growth but also for the flowering of your plants. Depending on how and where you grow, it may be that the substrate you grow on is less potent then you thought. HuminPlus helps you restore the substrate to a high quality.

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HuminPlus – A Powerful Soil Enhancer – 1ltr

HuminPlus by Healthygardening has a high quality plant enhancement effect as well as a soil improver. HuminPlus is widely used in both agricultural and horticultural applications, such as in crops, but also in fruit, ornamental plants, lawn and grassland applications. It is a stable humus form that can not be easily broken down into micro-structures by micro-organisms in the soil. HuminPlus is a concentrated soil improver with a high percentage of humic acids, namely 32% humic acids.

Humus is the slow degradable part of the organic substance in the soil. Organic matter is all the dead organic material that is present in the soil. Humus is formed by the decomposition of plant and animal material. Humic acid is acid that develops in humus because there is insufficient oxygen for the complete degradation of organic molecules. Strictly speaking, it is not a single acid but a class of small organic acid molecules, which are linked to weak structures through weak bonds.

Often the word humus is used as synonym for compost, but this is incorrect. Compost is a result of a human-controlled decomposition process, while Humus is the result of a naturally slow degradation process. Humin Plus increases the Lutum Group for optimal fertilizer availability. With weekly administration throughout the cycle, the quality of the substrate remains optimal.

HuminPlus can be combined with all (basic) plant foods.
Dosage HuminPlus with dilution 1: 200 (5ml / 1 ltr water)

Use schedule

  • 5ml on 1 liter of water
  • 10ml on 2 liters of water
  • 25ml on 5 liters of water
  • 50ml on 10 liters of water
  • 100ml on 20 liters of water

Healthcare HuminPlus is available in 1 liter and 5 liter packagings.

Nitrogenium(N) 10% Magnesium(Mg) 3% Hydrolasen 1,2% Organic compounds 40%
Phospor(P) 3% Calcium(Ca) 3% Lyasen 1,1% Humic acids 32%
Kalium(K) 3% Sulphur(S) 2% Transferasen 0,5% Fulvic acids 6%