KaliumPlus – Addition for flower and fruit baring plants


KaliumPlus – Addition For Flower And Fruit Baring Plants

KaliumPlus by Healthygardening is a fertilizer that stimulates the growth and color of your crop. Thus, KaliumPlus helps to increase the leaf surface. In addition, KaliumPlus causes opening of the mouths, which gives the plant a better CO2 absorption, which again benefits the photosynthesis in the plant. KaliumPlus is used from the early flowering phase to the end of the life cycle. Healthygardening KaliumPlus is organo mineral of composition with a specific ratio of main fertilizers, such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Micro-Elements that provide an increase in dry matter mass (weight) for (many) crops.


KaliumPlus – Addition For Flower And Fruit Baring Plants

HealthyGardening KaliumPlus contains micro-elements, fulvic acids, humic acids, enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins and stimulants. Thanks to the buffering effect, it is sufficient to administer only once a week and up to twice a week. Preferably combine with CalciumPlus to promote potassium uptake. HealthyGardening KaliumPlus stimulates dry matter mass increase in flower and fruit bearing plants. Once weekly (preferably in combination with Calcium Plus) from the early bloom to the end of the cycle.

Dosage with dilution 1: 1000 (1ml / 1 ltr water)
Can be combined with all (basic) plant foods.
Measuring EC values is not necessary / possible

Usage Schedule:

  • 1ml on 1 liter of water
  • 10ml on 10 liters of water
  • 25ml on 25 liters of water
  • 50ml on 50 liters of water
  • 100ml on 100 liters of water
Nitrogenium(N) 10% Magnesium(Mg) 3% Borium(Bo) 0,02% Molybdenum(Mo) 0,03% Organic compounds 40%
Phospor(P) 42% Calcium(Ca) 3% Ferrum(Fe) 0,09% Manganum(Mn) 0,06% Humic acids 16%
Kalium(K) 6% Sulphur(S) 2% Cuprum(Cu) 0,03 Zinkum(Zn) 0,08% Fulvic acids 6%