SiliceaPlus – resistance increase for all plants


SiliceaPlus – resistance increase for all plants

SiliceaPlus by HealthyGardening contains Silicon, Silicon works resistant improving to a significant amount of Drought stress. However, Silicon also increases resistance to infectious diseases, contributes to a significant improvement in Phosphor uptake, and has a regulatory effect when using CO2 increase (> 600 ppm / 0.06%). In addition, Silicea Plus contains significantly absorbable potassium (K) which contributes to the growth and color of your crop.


SiliceaPlus – resistance increase for all plants

SiliceaPlus densifies surface structures of cells and tissues such as stomata, making it hardly none or no effect on the plant for fungi, and especially real mildew and fake mildew. Also, sucking and biting insects can hardly penetrate through the hardened and thickened epidermis (cuticula) and cause no damage to the leaf. Phosphorus maintains, inter alia, the flowering process and organic or inorganic bound, is the most difficult absorbable element of all other fertilizer elements. SiliceaPlus not only improves phosphorus absorption, but in the plant, phosphorus is transported better to places where there is a need. After administration, the resistance to dryness is immediately increased. The plant can then tolerate higher temperatures without deviations. If extremely high temperatures are expected, SiliceaPlus offers protection for dehydration and decay.


  • Increases the resistance to dryness immediately
  • Increases resistance to infectious diseases
  • Highly improved the absorption of phosphorus
  • Regulatory effect of using CO2 increase (> 600 ppm / 0.06%).
  • The once weekly administration throughout the cycle is sufficient.
  • Dose diluted in water with dilution 1: 1000 (1ml / 1 liter of water)
  • SiliceaPlus can NOT be combined with other additives

Usage Schedule

  • 1ml on 1 liter of water
  • 10ml on 10 liters of water
  • 25ml on 25 liters of water
  • 50ml on 50 liters of water
  • 100ml on 100 liters of water
Orthosilicaat 19%
Kaliummetasilicaat 11%
Penthydroxysilicaat 5%