UniversalPlus Red – Micro-granulate Base Nutrition

UniversalPlus Red – Micro-granulate Base Nutrition

UniversalPlus Red – Micro-granulat by HealthyGardening is a basic nutrition and is used to promote the flowering of all flower and fruiting plants crons. HealthyGardening UniversalPlus Red is useful on all organic substrates such as earth, coconut etc.

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UniversalPlus Red – Micro-granulate Base Nutrition

UniversalPlus Red – Micro-granulate is a multipurpose nutriant, which stimulates the flowering of all plants and in all organic substrates and soil (mixtures). HealthyGardening UniversalPlus is bio-organic of composition and can be used without any problems in organic farming. Because of its composition, UniversalPlus is a very powerful base nutrition for the flowering plant and, as we all know, a well-planted plant is a beautiful plant and the chance that the yield is higher is very high. A well-groomed plant will also be less susceptible to all kinds of diseases and other abnormalities in the plant’s growth process. UniversalPlus from Healthygardening adds to the health of the plant, giving you a nicer and stronger plant.

UniversalPlus Red is organo mineral of composition in a micro-granulate form and with a specific ratio of main fertilizers nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micro-elements to (many) crons in the flowering phase. HealthyGardening UniversalPlus Red contains fulvic acids, humic acids, enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins and stimulants. UniversalPlus has a buffering effect. As a result, weekly administration is sufficient only one time and maximum twice weekly.

How to use UniversalPlus Red

Dosage Health Care UniversalPlus Red weekly once and twice a week.
UniversalPlus is dissolved in water by dissolving 1 gram in 2 liters of water.

Usage Schedule

  • 1 gram on 2 liter water.
  • 5 gram on 10 liter water.
  • 25 gram on 50 liter water.
  • 50 gram on 100 liter water.

Measuring EC values is not necessary / possible.
HealthyGardening UniversalPlus Red is available in 1 and 5kg packages.
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