Healthygardening bio-organic plant nutrition is a basic diet with a series of additives that are attuned to each other. The Healthygardening diet is bio-organic in composition. Healthygardening is used for both growing and green-lasting plants and for flowering or fruit-bearing plants. Healthygardening has been developed together with science, resulting in a balanced nutrition program in which quality and quantity play a major role.

Science has shown that the use of Organo-Mineral Plant Nutrition is the most effective form of fertilization for almost all crops in intensive cultivation. The ideal ratio of mineral and organic components is 60% – 40%.

The organic constituents are end products such as fermented manure or “digit states” which are obtained from anaerobic degradation (decomposition without oxygen) of vegetable matter. Due to the high-quality mineral components, a very high growth dynamic is achieved.

Due to the buffering effect, over-fertilization is a thing of the past. Continuous application of fertilizer, soil improvers or other (in) organic water-soluble products, by means of an irrigation system are unnecessary.

The yields are high and the quality of the end products is also very high. The plant food is offered to the plant in an optimal absorbable form. In this way the plant gets the chance to develop optimally in smell, color and taste. Organo-mineral plant nutrition is very user-friendly and very economical to use.